August 15, 2012

Putting Love & Respect into Action!

Today we are honored to feature a video testimonial by Derwin and Vicki Gray.  Derwin is a former NFL player as well as a dynamic speaker and author.  He is also the Founding and Lead Pastor of Transformation Church, a dynamic multi-ethnic, multi-generational, mission-shaped church. Together, Derwin and Vicki also started One Heart At A Time Ministries and are committed not only to one another but to seeing lives transformed through the love, grace and truth of Jesus Christ – one heart at a time.  We are blessed by their commitment to Love & Respect in their marriage and in the lives of those they mentor and lead.  Listen as they share what God has done in their marriage!

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Steadfast Ahoy! said...

this message is so needed by the present generation, by all generations really. What a great mission, to get the message out to our culture. Keep up the good work!

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