January 28, 2014

What I Know Now: Newly Married Ladies and Joy’s Response to Sad Stories

(Originally posted by Joy Eggerichs at Love and Respect Now blog ~ reposted with enthusiastic permission!)
In case you’re just tuning in, we’re smack dab in the middle of the What I Know Now series. My hope for all these parental interviews is to highlight the importance of asking questions and seeking counsel—we have so much to learn from those who’ve gone before us.
Think of it as an echo of The Illumination Project song, an opening band to the main show, a slice of apple pie before the main course.
(Which doesn’t really apply because I don’t love pie and would rather eat two main courses than a dessert. Just me?)
Anyway, my momma is here today sharing wisdom with those of you who have recently tied the knot and are living the dream of #newlymarriedbliss. For my parents, that dream involved being best friends and taping together carpet squares.
(Can’t see the video? Click HERE.)

Want to hear what Emerson had to say to newly married men? Check it out HERE.



What does it mean to put friendship first in a marriage?
What other advice would you give newly married ladies?
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Anonymous said...

Being a friend to your mate is being understanding, caring and loyal. When your mate is your friend, you don't can you are free to be yourself and to have open honest communication. Friends accept eachother for who they are, and strive to make eachother better.

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