May 21, 2013

When I Don’t Feel Like It

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A Testimony from Kim…
When I am feeling lonely, discouraged, frustrated, and disrespected in my marriage, and totally unloved by my husband (of twenty five years), I focus on God's command to respect him ANYWAY. I focus on the truth that my respect will bless my husband ....regardless of whether or not he responds with the love I need from him. I remind myself that I am to respect him in every sense of the word…I know that God is blessed by my obedience. I know that He smiles and blesses me when I trust Him with my heart and feelings. In those moments, I know that my reward will be in heaven.

While storing up treasures in heaven feels great, that is NOT what keeps me going! I do not use respectful behavior as a sort of "works" to win brownie points with God. Not on my life!

When I trust God to protect my heart and fill my love tank in the face of disrespect, when I step out in faith and positively apply respect when I don't feel like it or don’t feel my husband deserves it, when I obey my Father's command to respect, I feel peace and love. A sort of warm little hug of encouragement to hang in there from my heavenly husband. That is what keeps me focused on the Rewarded Cycle! And those little God-hugs remind me to dwell on the times my good-willed husband has responded to my respectful behavior in amazing, incredibly loving, God inspired ways. (Kim)

Taken from the Respectfully Yours DVD study


Casey Nicole Bachus said...

So true, too often people only do good things for their spouse just to get the rewards. But it's about pleasing God not our spouse!

Cata said...

Thank you so much.

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Robin said...

Needed to read this tonight. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble with showing my husband respect. He tells me in one breath he wants to bash in my skull (though he'd never do it) & in the next that God commands me to respect him. We've been married for 11 years. I still cook his meals, bring them to him, certainly don't raise my voice ( not my nature). When I bring up the way he talks to me he says it's better he speak it than do it. At this point, I am at a loss of how to express respect.

Anonymous said...

Since no other person has responded to you, let me say that God does love you and it is not right for your husband to treat you that way.
Many times people will give you advice that you should keep respecting him. But the husband is the servant leader and he should be taking the lead in everything, which includes, loving honoring, and also respecting his wife.
Seek help from qualified people and not those who condemn you, the wife. You are vital and important. do not forget that.

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