March 3, 2010

Not Wrong – Just Different! Pink Sunglasses

As a wife, you notice a man and a woman walking hand in hand.

You see a couple sitting together in the park, talking face to face on a bench.

You beam all the way through your friend's wedding.

On a rainy day, you page through your wedding pictures.

As you pass the hospital, you see new parents coming from the maternity ward, and your mind races back to the birth of your child and what you felt as a couple.

You look at the world through pink sunglasses. (Forgive the stereotypical color pink, but it serves the biblical point I want to make.) You see the presence of love. You scout for it. You can find it without looking for it. We believe God designed you this way.

Ephesians 5:33 commands husbands to love their wives. Wives need to feel love. Wives look to be loved. Love colors what wives see. She sees the presence of love.

You also see the absence of love, or what you feel is unloving.

You can see the sad countenance of a wife as she walks with her husband.

You listen carefully to the negative way your friend's husband talks to her.

You wonder why your husband does not say, "Let's talk," but instead reads the paper or works out.

In fact, if your husband does several things that feel unloving, you might say to him as you walk to the car from the parent-teacher meeting, "Why don't you ever hold my hand?! You only need me for one thing! I'm sick and tired of the lack of romance!”
When your husband counters, "Where is that coming from? This is unbelievable. I don't deserve this disrespect," you discount this as further evidence that he is clueless, insensitive and egotistical.

But could it be that your husband looks through different colored sunglasses? Could it be he’s not wrong…just different?

Tune in tomorrow for a look at “blue.”


Katherine said...

:) That's a really good point!! It's funny how we both perceive things differently...same situation, we just each interpret it in different ways!


Megan said...

Amen! Your Love and Respect ideas have changed our lives so much! I actually just wrote a (rather long, rambling) blog about it yesterday! (

Thank you!

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