March 11, 2014

Respectfully Yours

The secret to power and influence in your marriage

Sarah and I often hear this question from wives:  “How do I do this respect thing without losing my own sense of self-worth? Aren’t you asking me to become a passive, weak, doormat?”

No. Nothing could be further from the truth.

But we understand the question. We know that the word “respect” comes with lots of baggage for women. We also know that churches have not always done the best job of communicating what respect looks like within marriage.

With that in mind, several of our female staff along with Sarah and me, created a DVD study to help women understand this Biblical principle and how it will help them become women of power and influence. We’ve been excited about the response from women all over the county to this 8 week series entitled Respectfully Yours. Here’s what one woman said about how Respectfully Yours influenced her, as told on her blog, Angela’s Musings:

I have to admit, I was skeptical. I've reviewed lots of studies, and this isn't the one I was the most excited about digging into. First of all, I knew I would probably be convicted - and who wants to sign up for that?! Secondly, I was suspicious. I mean, if they were going to take each side of the love and respect issue deeper, why did they write the one for women first? Ha!

Well, I was convicted. But I was also edified. What I loved about this study is the way it builds a woman up in her identity in Christ. Click here to read more…


Sharon Mavis said...

I relate to the comment that one has to be willing to be the first to make a change.

My husband and I have been married 40 years. For most of our marriage we did an unhealthy "dance." He would control and I would be passive.

A few years ago I attended a church's program on emotional healing. It changed my life forever! I changed how I showed up and he had to change in response. Later he went through the same program and came out transformed.

Now, five years later, our marriage is in the best place we have ever been. Not only that, my husband is a pastor, on staff at a church of over 2000, and he leads programs for emotional healing in our church. We also lead weekend marriage seminars; what we share there has been greatly impacted by the emotional healing both of us have experienced.

April Gdowski said...

The Crazy Cycle?


It's The Fall of Adam and Eve.

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