June 11, 2013

Bringing Love and Respect to Slovenia

Bled, Slovenia
Sarah and I had the unique privilege of traveling throughout the beautiful country of Slovenia last month, spreading the message of Love and Respect.  This little country borders on Austria, Hungary, Croatia, the Adriatic Sea and Italy.  Lush and green with forests covering more than half of its territory, the topography varies from the Alps to the Mediterranean.  The beauty is quite astounding!

Core Leadership Team
But of course even the beauty of the country paled in comparison to the people.  We were welcomed with warm open hearts at each of the events.  We were especially impressed with the local ministry leaders throughout the country – from pastors to missionaries to parachurch organizations.  They consistently serve with great patience and passion as they counter a culture that is spiritually dark.
Matjaz & Magdalena
Teen Challenge Directors
Dani & Vilma Siter
Catholic Family Life

This exceptional team of leaders prepared for two years for our arrival by translating the Love and Respect book and the Building Blocks Small Group series into the Slovenian language, training small group leaders, and spreading the word through every media outlet available...not to mention all the logistics of the events.  But what impressed us even more was their vision for strategic follow-up as they seek to water the seeds that have been planted.  With events held nearly every day for 17 days straight, we were able to minister to 4,000 people - unheard of in this country where churches are small in number and size.

Pastor Leon, Pastor Joze and Nada
Will you commit to praying for these amazing brothers and sisters?  Take a look at their joyful faces and join us in lifting them up as they continue to fight the good fight in Slovenia!

Serving with love and respect,

Emerson and Sarah


Joyfullyblessed said...

What a marvelous opportunity for the Word of God to be spread. Love and Respect is such a practcal application of scriptures that couples will see how relevant the Word is to life today. I will pray.

joseph drawns said...

Lake Bled is a beautiful place. Have you had the privilege of going to Llubljana? I will pray for you all.

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