December 9, 2011

A Priceless Gift...

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Are you frantically running around trying to find the“perfect” gift for your loved one this year?  Perhaps spending a bit more than you should? 

I have an idea for you.

The best gift you can give your spouse is not under the Christmas tree.  It is the priceless gift of a loving and respectful attitude, which maintains harmony in the home all year long.

Maybe that sounds a bit idealistic.  But read on for a creative way one wife found to give the gift of respect to her husband – even wrapped up and under the tree!
My husband and I attended your conference this fall and as a refresher, I decided to read the Love and Respect book a couple months later. Hearing the love and respect message a second time around really impressed upon me the importance of making sure my husband feels my respect.
As a result, I decided to purchase a small journal for Christmas and fill each page with something different I respect about him. You would not believe the look on his face when he opened this small gift Christmas morning. By the time he made it to the second page, he had to stop reading because his eyes were filled with tears.  When he did finish a few minutes later, all he could say was "thank you" over and over again, as he clutched the journal tightly between his hands. It's amazing to me how such a small gesture on my part meant so much to him. Thank you for showing me how to reach my husband's heart, and for giving us both a Christmas we will always remember.  ~KM
Will you consider giving your spouse the gift of love and respect this Christmas?  It’s priceless!

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Michelle said...

what a beautiful idea, I took this idea and added it to a blog post that I wrote about Respecting our men this Christmas....

seesawfaith said...

I actually found a respect card! It simply stated that I appreciate all the hard work that he puts into taking care of our family. I mailed it to his work instead of leaving it around the house like I have done in the past.

The text I got when he got it at his office told me that he was definitely feeling respected.

We are currently leading a life group going through this study, and it has been amazing! We have couples in our group that have been married three months, and we are the "oldest" couple at 15 years. It is amazing how this study applies to everyone! Even the cute "honeymoon" phase still has to deal with the crazy cycle. My husband and I are so happy we get to share this information with them. We constantly say we wish we would have read this book years ago. it would have saved us a very long 5 years of continuous crazy cycle!

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