September 27, 2011

Does your Wife Ever Want You to Read Her Mind?

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Men, I suspect if you are like most of us guys, you have been blindsided a time or two by the “mind-reading game.” This is a classic way to end up on the Crazy Cycle!  

Women…on behalf of all men…I’d like to remind you that we don’t mind-read very well.  At all.  And husbands…remember your wife is not trying to trick you…she’s just looking for a sign that you love her!

Here’s a clip from the conference where I illustrate what can happen when we play the mind-reading game.



Colleen Nicholson said...

This is soooo very true!

Manturity said...

Great Post. This is truly a game where both partners lose.

state of grace said...

too all women in the world, your men is not mind reader..
so Please dont hide anything..
we like to share..
if you had problem please let us know, we will never know until you speak up.
and it's hurt when we know from other people.

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